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Join us as an individual donor and contribute to an existing shelter project as low as $50 up to a home unit cost of $3000.

If you wish to answer the cry of the poor with us and donate, download our Pledge Form HERE or you can click this link Shelter Donations Online ; - If you wish to partner with us in the Shelter Donation Programs.

If you want to volunteer, you can write us a letter to signify your interest and intent of joining our volunteers and mailing it to ANCOP International (Canada) Inc. 7025 Tomken Rd Unit 207, Mississauga, On, L1S 1R6 ATTN: Human Resources (Volunteers). 

ANCOP International (Canada) Inc. continues to build shelter homes with the help of Couples For Christ Canada and Ancop Canada partners. 

ANCOP Canada Community Development Projects 


MARKHAM VILLA MONIQUE, Las Pinas, Metro Manila – Partner, Alex Chiu (Markham Councillor) and Alex Chiu Annual Golf Tournament funded all 51 houses and the Education Center/ Multi Purpose Hall. All 50 houses and the Education Cenre were completed at the end of December 2012.

MALUGAY PARANAQUE ANCOP HOMES – Partner, CFC Edmonton funded 30 houses, 29 were completed at the end of December 2012. 


Camia Ancop Canada Homes at Barangay 185, North Caloocan City – Partner, CFC Calgary funded half of the 62 houses. All 31 units were completed at the end of April 2012.  Co-partner for the other 31 houses is Banco De Oro and UN Habitat.


Fort McMurray Ancop Canada Homes in Palale, Tayabas, Quezon Province – Partner, CFC Fort McMurray funded the 30 units and are now completed and occupied.


RLM-OKS ANCOP Homes Brgy. Banay-banay, Lipa City, Batangas (under the auspices of the office of the Governor of Batangas, Honorable Vilma Santos)Partner, CFC Ottawa, completed 10 houses of committed 30.  Project was put on hold.


Villa Gracia Ancop Homes(<<click for project update status) in Agdangan, Quezon Province – Partner, CFC Mississauga West. Funded 20 homes and completed. The turn-over to beneficiaries of the last 4 homes was made on February 28, 2013.  Waiting for funds from the partner, for the next 10 houses.


St Ambrose Ancop Homes in Bato Leyte - Partners, St Ambrose Parish, Cambridge, Ontario and CFC Cambridge. Fr. Michael McHugh supported and sustained the campaign for the funding of  all 100 houses and a chapel. All houses were completed. On March 24, 2012 the Chairman of Couples For Christ and CFC Ancop Tekton's Operations Director, Rizal Ting together with the Mayor of Bato Leyte were the guest in the turnover to beneficiaries of the last 20 units. A chapel was also donated and completed. Next phase will be organizing the Home Stewards into a “Cooperative” for their Livelihood projects. Livelihood projects being considered are broiler poultry, crab farming and milkfish farming. Fr. McHugh visited the community in March 2013. He committed to continue his support. In January 2014, he donated funds for food for 100 families.


LARRY VICKAR, TRANSCONA ROTARY ANCOP COMMUNITY, Ajuy, Camiguin – Partners, L Vicar, Rotary of Transcona and CFC Winnipeg funded 30 houses, a Multi-purpose Hall (MPH) and a chapel. The Partners visited the site in January 2012 and promised to fund a wish list for the MPH and chapel of the beneficiaries and Home Stewards. The MPH and chapel were funded from the proceeds of the fundraising on June 2, 2012, and were completed in 2013.


San Vicente Ancop Homes, San Vicente, Banban, Tarlac consisting of 30 families – Partner, Holy Trinity Choir, Vancouver, BC funded 12 houses, 4 units from donations of Brian Kerswill. 1 from Aurora Narciso and the balance by pooled funds of CFC Toronto.  All 30 units were completed in 2012. 

A J Insurance Lane at Visayas (QC) Ancop HomesPartner, A.J. Insurance of Vancouver, BC - Funded the remaining all 30 houses of the 96 houses commitment of Ancop Canada. Completed 24 units. The SVP of the Partner visited the site in December 2011 and hosted a Christmas Party for all the 200 children at Visayas Ancop Homes. She also hired a Jollibee mascot. The children in Visayas Ancop community were again treated with a Christmas party in December 2012.


CRISTO REI ANCOP HOMES at Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro - Partner, Cristo Rei Parish funded twelve (12) houses and a MPH. Seven (7) houses and the MPH were completed in 2013. The remaining five are promised to be completed in January 2014. 


PANIQUI - VANCOUVER ANCOP COMMUNITY,  Paniqui, Tarlac - Partner, CFC Vancouver – adopted Paniqui (Tarlac) Ancop Community with commitment to fund 95 houses. Thirty five (35) houses were completed as of end of 2013, of which five (5) were funded by the family and friends of the mayor of Paniqui, Tarlac. Funding for the next batch of ten (10) houses will be released in February 2014.

A REYES & CFC BRAMPTON ANCOP COMMUNITY, Buhay na Sapa, San Juan, Batangas - Partner, the family of the late Annie Reyes & Couples For Christ Brampton – funded 16 houses of committed 30. Twelve (12) are completed and eight (8) are nearing completion. LGU funded 4 houses.

ANCOP ROTARY PARANAQUE VILLAGE – Partner, CFC Ancop Edmonton funded 20 houses, all completed in January 2014. PCCF funded 10 houses of the remaining 20 units. A group of Filipino-Canadian delegation led by Senator Tobias Enverga visited the site.

MATIN-AO HINUNANGAN LEYTE ANCOP COMMUNITY – Ancop Canada funded 30 houses. Twenty (20) were all completed at the end of 2013. 3rd batch of ten (10) are under construction.

BANAY-BANAY (DAVAO ORIENTAL) ANCOP CANADA COMMUNITY – Ancop Canada funded 10 houses, all are completed. Beneficiaries are affected families of typhoon Pablo. 2nd batch of houses will be funded in February 2014.

OUR LADY OF BANNEUX ANCOP COMMUNITY, San Mateo, Rizal - Partner, CFC Ancop Montreal funded 10 houses, all were completed in December 2013. In a separate cluster of 30 houses, WFG Toronto funded five houses. To complete the batch of ten (10), Ancop Canada funded another 5 houses.

ANCOP KAPATID COMMUNITY (AKC), Bagbaguin, North Caloocan City - Partner CFC GTA East Sector funded 10 houses, all competed in December 2013. Waiting for funding from the partner of the 2nd batch of 10 houses. CFC Calgary decided to commit another 30 units. Funds for 10 houses will be released in February 2014.

ANCOP AVANAI VILLAGE - Adjacent to Visayas Avenue Ancop Community in Quezon City - Partner, CFC Ancop Vancouver funded 10 houses, 8 are completed. Holy Cross Catholic School (Vancouver, BC) will fund a lane of 6 houses, funding will be released in March 2014. A Vancouver donor will fund another lane of ten (10) houses, of which six (6) were funded with his donations through Ancop Walk in 2012 and 2013.






These are our current partners who are helping us in the humanitarian effort of  building homes for the poor and/or in child sponsorship program. 


Couples For Christ - Regina 



Cristo Rei Parish                                                                                                         February 2013 UPDATE  July 2013 UPDATE


Alex Chiu Annual Golf Tournament


Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission (OLA) 


Bukas Loob sa Diyos (Toronto)


A J Insurance (Vancouver)


St Ambrose Parish, Cambridge


St Clements Parish, Cambridge


St Patricks Parish, Cambridge


Rotary Club of Transcona


Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation


Couples For Christ Toronto


Handmaids of the Lord Canada


Singles For Christ Canada


Couples For Christ Winnipeg


Couples for Christ Edmonton


Couples for Christ Vancouver


Couples for Christ Calgary


Couples for Christ Fort McMurray


Couples for Christ Montreal


Couples for Christ Ottawa


Couples For Christ Vancouver


Jewish Foundation of Manitoba (c/o Larry Vickar


Call us now to partner with us in building shelters for the poor and saving child lives !  Call us at 905-564-8539.