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Ancop International Canada Inc will be accepting donations for families affected by the strongest typhoon, in the world this year, Haiyan (Yolanda) battered the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc, central Philippines on November 9. It's reported that the death toll of the super typhoon could reach 7000 people mostly by drowning and from collapsed buildings. It destroyed about 70 to 80% of the area in its path.

There is a need for sharing of resources to answer the cry for relief of those affected who will need help in times of calamity. Ancop (Answering the cry of the poor)International Canada is accepting donations of any amount to be pooled and sent to the Philippines as part of the corporate disaster relief mandate. Please lend a hand to those affected.

Allocations of funds will be remitted to CFC-ANCOP Foundation Philippines who will implement the relief including the rebuilding of houses and communities. 

Click on the link to donate your share. Tax receipts will be issued for amounts $20 or more. Thank you for your help in this time of need.

URGENT: The Canadian government is matching donations made by individual Canadians to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) relief efforts. Donations made to ANCOP, between November 9 to December 8, will be matched dollar-for-dollar; please help today.

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You may also send us cheques payable to Ancop International Canada Inc (indicate on the memo line) - Ancop disaster relief and mail your cheque

Ancop International Canada Inc. PO Box 98067 South Common Mall 250
Burnhamthorpe West, Mississauga On L5L 5V4.

Please do not forget to provide your complete address when donating or on the cheque in order that we can mail your tax receipt for your generous help.

Thank you and God bless.

Temi Pangilinan, President, Ancop Canada 


You're invited to the 4th leg of the 2013 GLOBAL PINOY SINGING IDOL to be hosted by Ancop Montreal on November 16 at St Joseph Oratory, Montreal, Quebec.

Ghana Sponsorships now available.

ANCOP International Canada is excited to anncounce the availability of sponsorships of children from Ghana.






In the photo, Gabby Consulta of ANCOP Canada, Inc. speaks before members of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Toronto (PCCT), inviting them to join the ANCOP Walk 2013 in Toronto.
The fundraiser will be held in major cities across Canada.
In Toronto, the ANCOP Walk will be held on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Meeting place will be at the Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Street West in downtown T.O. around 12 noon. The 5-kilometer walk starts promptly at 1 P.M.
Organizations joining the fundraiser will have the option to choose to have their members' registration fees go toward the construction of houses for marginalized families from among the villages being built and developed by ANCOP Canada in the Philippines and other Third World countries, or go towards a scholarship fund for poor, but deserving students.
The PCCT Board of Directors, through PCCT President Oswald Tugadi, gave word to Temi Pangilinan, President of ANCOP Canada, that members of the board are joining the fundraising effort. The PCCT leadership continues to campaign among its members to join the charitable event.
After Gabby Consulta's talk at a PCCT event, a Toronto-based travel agency and corporate member of the PCCT signified its interest to be a sponsor of ANCOP Walk 2013. 
Another corporate member of the PCCT pledged to donate $500 and will likewise join the walk.
Hard at work during the PCCT event for more participation among the members of the premier business organization in Toronto were PCCT Administrative Officer Isa Tugadi and Front Page Philippines Program Host Gie Plazo Alvarez.
While this will be the first time that the PCCT is joining ANCOP Walk, some will recall that shortly after ANCOP Canada, Inc. was given its license to operate as a charitable organization, it was the PCCT which pledged the funds for the construction of its first community. Today, 20 poor families are the beneficiaries of the PCCT-funded village, located in the Multinational Village complex in Paranaque City.
As of this writing, the PCCT Board has not met yet to decide whether fees and other monies generated by ANCOP Canada Inc. from PCCT's participation in the forthcoming ANCOP Walk should go to another housing village or go towards the scholarship fund of ANCOP for poor and deserving students.
Another organization joining the ANCOP Walk, Sunday, August 25, is the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) -- founded by Tobias Jun Enverga, Jr., now a Senator in Canada. 
According to Mr. Pangilinan, the PCCF has, todate, deposited with ANCOP Canada $18,500 starting from last year to fund the construction of houses. The PCCF pledged for the construction of 20 houses at the 120-unit site that ANCOP is developing in Paranaque City. 
Mr. Pangilinan said the amount represents so far funds for six houses at the current cost of $3,000 per unit.
To join and register for ANCOP Walk, please go to http://www.ancopwalk.ca

Meanwhile, on Front Page Philippines on Thursday, August 15, 2013, ANCOP Canada President Temi Pangilinan -- together with Alex Ascano, Chair of the ANCOP Walk 2013 in Toronto and Ricky Cuenca, Chair of the Couples for Christ (CFC)--Global Mission, will be on board the program with host Gie Alvarez to talk further about the August 25, 2013 fundraiser. Airing times are 10 A.M and 4:00 P.M. on OMNI.2 Television, Cable 14 in Toronto.
For channel particulars in your specific location, cable and/or satellite television providers, please refer to your local listings or follow this link: http://frontpagephilippinestv.wordpress.com/about/

Senator Enverga to continue supporting ANCOP Walk


 2013 07 29 News

 L-R: Ricky Cuenca, Chairman of the Couples for Christ (CFC) – Global Mission; Sen. Tobias, Jr. and Mrs. Rosemer Enverga;Erico de Los Reyes, President, CFC ANCOP Foundation; Temi Pangilinan,  President of ANCOP International Canada Inc.; and Greg Parillas, National Director of Couples For Christ Canada. During their meeting, Sen. Enverga, Jr. and his wife assured the ANCOP Canada and CFC (founders of ANCOP) officers that they would continue to support vigorously the projects and objectives of  the Canadian-registered charity ANCOP (acronym for Answering the Cry of the Poor), among others the latter’s annual fundraiser ANCOP Walk, held in major cities in the country. According to Pangilinan, the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF), which was founded by Sen. Enverga, Jr., has so far deposited with ANCOP Canada a total of $18,500 since last year to fund an undertaking to build 20 houses for the poor in an ANCOP village site in Paranaque City in the Philippines. So far, the amount donated by the PCCF represents a cost for six houses at $3,000 per unit. Sen. Enverga, Jr. said ANCOP continues to be his favorite charity. In the past, Sen. Enverga, Jr. spearheaded several fundraisers for ANCOP homes for the poor, through the community organizations he headed, among others, the Lucena City Association of Ontario and the PIDC. The ANCOP Walk for this year is on Sunday, August  25. To register, visit www.ancopwalk,ca or call (905) 564-8539. (ANCOP Canada PR).


Ambassador Gatan Pledges Support for ANCOP

ANCOP Canada President Bro. Temi Pangilinan made a courtesy visit to H. E. Philippine Ambassador to Canada Leslie B. Gatan last May 18 at his official residence in Ottawa. Together with Bro. Philip Tang, CFC Chapter Head - Ottawa and Bro. Rico and Sis. Gina Tingin, CFC Provincial Leaders - Ottawa, they were warmly received by the Ambassador.
The supposed 30-minute appointment turned into almost 2 hours of lively exchange. Bro. Temi presented ANCOP and the many projects and initiatives that we are doing for the poorest of the poor. Ambassador Gatan was very impressed with our work-for-the-poor model in ANCOP as shown by his interest; he not only listened and asked question during the open exchange of ideas, he also expressed interest to personally participate as a donor. 

When briefed about our CSP (Child Sponsorship Program) for seminarians, he told us about his youth when, as a young seminarian, he was likewise sponsored by a generous individual. Unfortunately, the sponsorship ended abruptly hence, he was not able to pursue his dream of becoming a priest. It was then that he decided he preferred to sponsor one of the seminarians in our CSP program to ensure that at least one of them will not experience the same fate. This sponsorship is on top of his desire to donate for a shelter in one of our ongoing community projects.


Although he mentioned that as a government official representing our country here in Canada, he is not allowed to endorse a charity organization, he however committed to help and support ANCOP in his personal capacity.

August 25, 2013

12:00 noon


Nathan Phillips Square

100 Queen Street West,

Toronto, ON



Father Michael McHugh visits St Ambrose in Bato Leyte

Father Michael McHugh from Hamiltion, Ontario, visits the village he helped build through personal contributions and sponsorship. This was his very first visit to the St. Ambrose Village in Bato Leyte, Philippines and describes the experience as one of the best moments in his life. The village consists of 100 homes and one chapel. _

ANCOP Scholar: Precious Kuizon

Precious Kuizon, an ANCOP scholar from Leyte, shares how her life has improved thanks to the education provided to her through sponsorship. _


These are our current partners who are helping us in the humanitarian effort of  building homes for the poor and/or in child sponsorship program. 


Couples For Christ - Regina 



Cristo Rei Parish                                                                                                         February 2013 UPDATE  July 2013 UPDATE


Alex Chiu Annual Golf Tournament


Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission (OLA) 


Bukas Loob sa Diyos (Toronto)


A J Insurance (Vancouver)


St Ambrose Parish, Cambridge


St Clements Parish, Cambridge


St Patricks Parish, Cambridge


Rotary Club of Transcona


Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation


Couples For Christ Toronto


Handmaids of the Lord Canada


Singles For Christ Canada


Couples For Christ Winnipeg


Couples for Christ Edmonton


Couples for Christ Vancouver


Couples for Christ Calgary


Couples for Christ Fort McMurray


Couples for Christ Montreal


Couples for Christ Ottawa


Couples For Christ Vancouver


Jewish Foundation of Manitoba (c/o Larry Vickar


Call us now to partner with us in building shelters for the poor and saving child lives !  Call us at 905-564-8539.